Flinker is proud to announce a new partnership with Swedish-Swiss Venture Partner Katalysen & Partners.

“We are convinced that we have found a partner in Katalysen that can help us take the next step on our journey. With Katalysen’s knowledge, experience and network we can accelerate our growth and enhance our unique suite of solutions and value propositions, not only on the Nordic market but also on a global scale”, says Niklas Henriksson, CEO of Flinker

In this Venture Partnership, Katalysen will help Flinker with strategic support, financial planning and business development.

“Flinker has come a long way without external capital, Niklas and the team have done a tremendous job building Flinker from the ground up. More and more vendors are looking to provide their products as a service together with numerous financing solutions, and Flinker’s product suite serves as a one-stop-shop for just that. We are excited to support Flinker’s move to the next stage”, says Katalysen’s Peter Almberg.

Read more about Katalysen & Partners at www.katalysen.com.